Mission Statement

In fulfilling OUR RESPONSIBILITIES, we pledge first and foremost to act with integrity. We believe in the Golden Rule and in all phases of our operations and dealings with others, we will strive to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.


Our first responsibility is to our customers because without their need for our products and services we have nothing. Once they have communicated their quality and service requirements to us, we pledge to make every effort to meet or exceed their expectations.

Our second responsibility is to our employees because without their cooperation we cannot fulfill our first responsibility. They must have a sense of security in their jobs; fair and adequate wages; and an orderly, safe workplace. Each employee shall be treated as an individual able to advance on his or her own merits.

Our third responsibility is to our management because they are responsible for meeting our current obligations and for ensuring our future success. Our executives must be persons of common sense, integrity, talent, experience, vision, and education. They must have strong organizational skills and shall be given broad authority to accomplish their responsibilities within our corporate goals.

Our fourth responsibility is to our suppliers because we cannot operate profitably without the materials and support they provide for our products. We expect our suppliers to deliver quality products, on-time, at competitive prices.

Our fifth responsibility is to the community in which we operate. We pledge to be a good citizen by supporting good works and charity, by paying our fair share of taxes, and by preserving for future generations the property we are privileged to use.

Our sixth responsibility is to our stockholders. The business must make a sound profit. We must prepare for adverse times by maintaining adequate reserves and incurring debt judiciously. We must strive for continuous improvement in our products and our processes. We must keep our capital assets in good repair and invest in new ones as needed to meet our goals. We must constantly seek new products and markets; conduct research; and experiment with new ideas.