History of Fusion Ceramics

Fusion Ceramics, Inc. was founded in 1971 by Richard Hannon and William Coulter to manufacture frit (friable glass used primarily in industrial coatings). In 1972, they commenced operations in a new manufacturing facility on Scio Road SE in Carroll County. For 30 years or so, the majority of Fusion’s customers produced tile, sanitaryware, and dinnerware (collectively referred to as ceramic whitewares). These customers mixed frit with other inorganic materials to create glaze coatings. In recent years, the company has significantly expanded its customer base to address the decline of ceramic whiteware industries in the United States. Thus, in addition to their traditional customers, Fusion currently ships frit to refractory, abrasive, and brick manufacturers, among others. Over the years, the company has sold frit to the U.S. Government for use in encapsulating nuclear waste material to ensure its safe disposal.

In the mid-1990s Fusion began manufacturing glazes and bonds in response to customer requests for complete, ready-to-use material. This division has thrived as many customers have realized significant savings in capital and labor costs. As part of this division, the company manufacturers a trade-marked covering called BRIKOTE. This product has performed well and its use continues to expand in the brick industry.

In 2004, Fusion began producing glass colors used in the glass decorating industry. As in their other divisions, Fusion manufactures a standard product line as well as a custom product line. Glass colors are used in many industries including, for example, the cosmetic, lighting, beverage, architectural, and flat glass industries.

In addition to its manufacturing activities, Fusion is the exclusive U.S. distributor of ceramic stains produced in Tortosa, Spain by CCT.

Throughout the years, Fusion has expanded its facilities to meet the company’s growing production and storage needs. In the mid-80s, a warehouse was acquired on High Street in Carrollton. A 5,000 square foot building was added in 2001. In 2000 approximately 10 acres were purchased next to the original plant for future expansion and a 9,600 square foot warehouse was completed and placed in service on the property in 2010.

In the beginning, Fusion’s primary customers were in the U.S. east of the Mississippi . Fusion now ships products all over the world including, for example, Canada, South America, Mexico, Europe, India, Israel, and China. Their customers include many familiar names including, for example, Homer Laughlin China, Lenox China, Kohler, Toto, and Belden Brick.

Company officers are Richard C. Hannon, Jr., President; John H. Baker, VP of Manufacturing; Wesley A King, PhD, VP of Sales and Marketing; Michael T. O’Donnell, VP of Technical Services; and Rhonda Cogan, Treasurer. The company is privileged to have a hard-working, stable workforce which, more than anything, has been responsible for its success and longevity.