Fusion Ceramics Inc.

Fusion Ceramics, founded in 1971, is a supplier of materials used in a broad range of industries including ceramic whiteware (dinnerware, wall and floor tile, sanitaryware, art ware and hobby ware); abrasive; brick; refractory; and glass decorating (appliance, architectural, cosmetic, curved, and furniture). Our manufactured products include frits; bonds and glazes; and glass colors.

In addition, Fusion is a distributor of ceramics stains produced in Tortosa, Spain by CCT and a wide variety of raw materials used in the ceramic and glass industries.

Due to increasing wood and manufacturing costs, Fusion Ceramics must adjust prices for pallets, effective September 12, 2022. New Pallet Prices will be: Single face - $18.75 each; Double face - $24.75 each; Heat-treated - $27.00 each.